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  • timesheet management

    Q - iclsc integration

    Integration with iclsc SIC+
    The CSSS/CLSC can synchronize the beneficiaries' data with the ones of SIC+. They also can update iclsc with statistical data on Acts and Reasons of intervention.
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  • invoicing management

    Q - invoicing

    There are no more flexible billing throughout the industry! An invoice can be made ​​to a customer or a third party payer or the client and several others. This is the multi-referers. In addition, all billing frequencies are possible.
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  • invoice management

    Q - work order

    Track service requests orders. What requests did we make ​​to the agency X? How did they cost us? Who are the clients? What should be our budget for the month? The module allows answers to these questions. And much more ...

  • appointment management

    Q - travel

    Wether it is from your organization to one of your points of service, your client's home address or your worker's home address, Q-Travel calculates the door to door distance and travel time between appointments.
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  • accounting homecare

    Q - accounting EXPORT

    To update customer accounts and payroll, billing data and timesheets are exported to the accounting software of your choice. It's so easy!
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  • account management


    Create your own reports. A few simple steps and the data is retrieved and available in an Excel spreadsheet! The report definition is of course stored for subsequent use or for sharing! If you do not find exactly what you want among the dozens of reports already available, design yours!.

  • Q-Hestia

    Q - HESTIa integration

    Q-Hestia is a confirmation of attendance software for businesses that employ a mobile workforce.

    The advantages of using Q-Hestia:

    Eliminates the possibility that your customers are not visited due to error or absence of a worker.
    Ease of deployment with minimal training and no additional hardware or software to buy.
    Improves the security of customer service quality and increases productivity!
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  • Q-Contingency

    Q - Contingency key

    A power failure or breakdown of server can be annoying. This always on module prepares the necessary reports for continuing operations. These are stored on a portable external media, such as a usb key.

  • Q-Web timesheet management

    Q - web

    Schedules, assignments, time sheet, employee files availability all can be managed via Internet.
    The paper era has lived. Now we enter timesheets via Internet directly into the Qt-Time and Resources application ... which will ensure that employees are paid on time and that the invoice goes fast!
    And not only! With the assignment, the team leader manages in advance affecting employees on recurring quarters. In addition, he knows who is available or not and when.

  • q-mobility

    q - mobility integration

    Take your system with you on mobile phone. Check your schedule, your customer records, punch in and out, and do ​​everything a smartphone allows!