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In Quebec, Qualicode softwares are used every day by more than half of Local Community Services Centres (CLSC) for the maintenance and care at home. A specific version of Qt-Time and Resources has been developed for their specific needs. Synchronization and transfer of Acts and Reasons for intervention to the Oracle SIC+ statistical data is done regularly.
Home Care Community Organizations. Over 70% of all community organizations in Quebec home care trust Qt for its reliability, flexibility and service. Because they are partially funded by government, they have to split the cost of a service and therefore charge different payers. Qt can do it easily. Qualicode always adapts to change.
Security version of Qt was created a few years ago and is constantly improving. Several features for the Security industry were added to the heart of the system. More stringent access rights, stricter rules for shift allocation, Recall List, Timesheet used to confirm scheduling, management and web time sheet for contract officer. Employee collective agreements rules have been implemented. Billing has become totally flexible.

Qualicode offers a suite of products, fully integrated, which will satisfy the service companies. All proposed Qualicode tools allow you to manage your recruitment, your customer base, your schedules and agendas for all workers, whether in the field or in the administration, timesheets and your billing. Qualicode Suite proposed in partnership with other companies also allows you to do your payroll, make timestamping by phone or use our mobile solutions. The Suite also allows you to integrate with several accounting software applications. All your collective agreements are taken into account. To manage your business, you only need our Qualicode Suite, Office and your accounting software!


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Home Health Care Network

Home Health Network ( RSAD ) brings together all stakeholders involved with visiting people at home . It promotes exchanges between partners. RSAD provides excellent service coordination.

RSAD addresses CISSS / CLSC , health agencies , domestic help organizations and cooperatives , and all the other organizations who make home visits.

Communicating with partners is done directly with the person or group that one wants to join. The network also offers chatting to exchange in real time.

References are made by automatic transfer of appointments, care plans or simply names and addresses of customers. If you make your schedules with Qt - Time and Resources, you choose the information in your database and transfer it in a few clicks.

When you receive data , you can directly integrate them to Qt - Time and Resources. The Home Health Network is certified and safe. To know more ...


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