Qx-Clinical Follow-up

For home-visiting nurses.
Developed for nurses, Qx-Clinical Follow-up is a software application that combines the requirements of medical monitoring and service planning, allowing nurses to remain masters of their time.
Qx-Clinical Follow-up is an advanced and dynamic medical file that offers management services by appointment. PTI section meets the requirements of the OIIQ.

· Client Calendar
· General Information
· Clinical Information
· General Care
· Laboratory
· Monitoring of medication
· Memos of other professionals
· Teaching
· Systematic monitoring
· Psychosocial Situation
· Intravenous Care
· Initial Assessment
· Care Wound


The Search section

The search window is displayed on the left. It is a retractable strip. It can be reduced if necessary to allocate more space to the rest of the screen. Its purpose is to add or select a Qx-Clinical Follow-up folder.

Client Agenda

The client agenda lets you see the appointment list of the day and the other days of the integrated calendar for the current user . It also allows you to see the agendas of other colleagues.

general information

Seamlessly integrated with Qt-Time&Resources, Qx-Clinical Follow-up uses information already contained therein. It displays all the basic data of the customer, to which is added the name of the various professionals involved in the case, the referer hospital and all relevant information.

clinical information

This page displays the diagnostics and complementary notes as well as the impact on the daily life of the patient.

general care

Here, general treatments are described and planned. From this screen as from many others, one can set up a "Care Plan" that will generate all necessary appointments for therapeutic monitoring of the patient.

care plans

The care plan creates all necessary appointments with the patient.

TNP (Therapeutic Nursing Plan)

The TNP complies with the requirements and it specializes in Home Care.

Follow-up of client parameters

To monitor patients. At each visit, the nurse measures and assesses (the parameters ), and records the results. Visits are showed side-by-side in order to analyse the progress at a glance.

Laboratory Sampling

Planning of laboratory analyses. Frequencies and dates are also entered.

Medication monitoring

List of drugs to be administered or taken by the patient with their respective dosage, dates , possible side effects. There are also the coordinates of the pharmacist.

Other professionals

Notes and comments made by other professionals on their interventions.


Information on teachings given to patient.

systematic monitoring

Information on teachings given to patient.

psychosocial situation

Here is entered the name and social history of Informal Caregivers. Comments of Formal Caregivers on psychosocial situation can also be entered.

Intravenous Care

Required frequencies and all information related to this type of care is found here: treatment, catheter, cap, dressing, tubing, irrigation and method of administration.

Initial Assessment

This page allows you to take note of the initial assessment of the patient's pain. We create and edit evaluations of patients.

Wound Care

Records information for wound care. It also permits to determine the frequency of wound assessments and planning of appointments. The same goes for the dressings.

Printed Reports

Several reports are available.

Minimum requirements for Qx-Clinical Follow-up

This application is defined as a "web application" and uses the "ClickOnce" Microsoft technology. It installs a "smart client" application on the local machine. This enables the secure exchange of information between the station and the server. It also allows the constant updating of resident functions.