The most sophisticated application on the market Schedule planning and managing is a human issue and economic important in the health sector. Qualicode Software, our company has the schedule planning tools to optimize the management of your human resources.

Aside from the seasoned software, here are the services that earned Qualicode its turn-key reputation:

- Needs evaluation and system implementation planning;
- Project Management;
- Custom development;
- On-site initial training;
- Technical support by phone and remote connection;
- Periodic Updates;
- Data transfer and Data entry;
- Temporary personnel replacement.


Qt main purpose is to schedule appointments, so to match client need with employee availability. Powerfully. The schedule will then be used to invoice customers. Invoices will be transferred to your accounting system. Timesheets will feed your payroll system.


It is not as much the size of an organisation as the complexity of its employee schedules that determines the need for using Qt. 5000 employees working the same shifts, at the same place, doing the same tasks are easy to schedule: Qt is not necessary. But if a dispatcher is needed to manage appointments, then Qt will help starting with as low as 15 employees. Profitable!

The return on investment

With more than 400 implementations since 1999, we know that the investment is recuperated in one year.


How can you reduce operation costs and waiting lists? How can you attend to all the clients and at the same time reduce work hours in a situation where activities increase? Our systems can find and suggest all possible solutions. Put the best one into operation, and colleagues and clients are satisfied. With Qt, you are relieved of most routine and task repetition, errors vanish and you get more time to plan growth. Your employees are less stressed out and become more autonomous.
In Quebec, Qt is the Scheduling system of more than 60 CLSC and 85 EÉSAD, and many private Health agencies and Security agencies are also benefiting from its features.

schedule grid for dispatch

Qt Schedule Grid


- On top left, the calendar area permits you to navigate from week to week.
- The central area is a graphical representation of the employee or beneficiary/client schedule for the week.
- The bottom area is a grid in which each line contains all the necessary data for one appointment. In this area, you add or modify a unique appointment and all its related data.

As a completely parameterizable application, Qt features:

- Conflicts management;
- Unattended cases management;
- Employee proposal;
- Security (user-level specific Rights management);
- Log Book;
- Easy reporting, produced in many different formats;
- Import of SIC Plus beneficiary files;
- Export of statistical data to SIC Plus.

Depending on your company needs, external modules can be added to the application; these are:

- Excel Export;
- Travel management.

PROPOSITION and on call list

- Language
- Sector
- Conflicting profile
- Complaints Logbook
- Employee availability
- Employee unavailability
- Maximum employee availability hours
- Maximum work hours per week
- Maximum days per week
- Qualifications
- Training & experience
- Client unavailability
- Holidays
- Competencies


The Care plan or Assignment feature is a template to automatically generate series of appointments. It permits
to choose the right employee for the right task, taking all eventual conflicts into account, for a given period.

hIRING for human resources

- Simple seniority management useful in the on-call list
- Sector management


The logbook lets you takes notes relative to appointments, employees, and clients. It is the history of what is going on with a client. There is also a feature that lets you set reminders.
All events, decisions, advice, notes of all kinds concerning appointments, employees or clients are saved in the logbook. The date and time are then automatically inserted. Categories can be added to the logbook such as: disciplinary notices, attendance, alarms, follow ups, etc. Nothing gets lost because archives can be made of older notes and consulted whenever necessary.

Open the logbook and a message informs you that some notes have been archived.

Notes in the logbook can also be filtered based on date, period, employees in the field, employees in the office, client/contract, or context.

A note was taken right after a call from a costumer thanking an employee for their help. The person who took the call can then set a reminder for the boss to pass on the message to the employee.

Like everything in Qt, flexibility is the norm: parameters are set to the user’s needs.

invoicing for accounting

There’s no invoicing more flexible on the market!
An invoice can be made to a client or to a third party payer. It can even be divided between the third party payer and the client…and even other third party payers.

Furthermore, Q-invoicing allows the configuration of every possible way of sharing costs : a fixed number of hours per period, a fixed amount per hour of service, a combination of the two, a ceiling price for the client, only on certain tasks or on all tasks.

All billing frequencies are possible as well: weekly, every two weeks, every four weeks, monthly, by order number, undetermined frequency, etc.

Billing the client. Billing a third party... a number of hours… on a certain frequency or a certain amount per hour. Or billing can be done a little to each. There can also be a subsidy.


To feed payroll, update accounts receivable and client information, simply export all relevant billing information and employee time sheets to the accounting software of your choice. It’s just that easy!


Schedules are entered and confirmed. The bills are checked and generated.

Export them to your accounting system! 1 Your accounts will be up to date.

Bills can be printed from either QT-Time and Resources or your own accounting program.

QT-Time and Resources exports to YOUR accounting software: Great Plains/Dynamics, Acomba, Quick Books, Hopem, Apogee… and your own.

You’re not only limited to exporting bills, your new clients and new employees as well2 . Even new addresses can be exported!


Pays have become so easy! Just export your time sheets and bonuses into your payroll system. All that’s left is to use your payroll software to make the calculations and print out your cheques.
Tell us what your accounting software of choice is!

More than a time sheet but without the deductions and direct deposit, the gross payroll can be transferred to any of the recognized accounting systems. We can even add your own!

Q Gross Payroll leaves fiscal, union, etcetera deductions to your own accounting software to handle.

The program knows the schedules and Q Gross Payroll converts them into elaborate time sheets ready to be transferred.

We can also enter manually to either modify or change credits. An infinite number of pay groups can be managed. We can also pay weekly, every two weeks…


Create your own reports if already available integrated reports are not exactly what you are looking for!

Just a few simple steps and all information needed is exported and available on an Excel worksheet! The report definition is of course kept for later use or for sharing!

Excel reports can be created, modified, deleted, exported, imported, and copied.
There’s no limit to the number of personalized reports that can be created. It’s also always possible to modify them.
Several groups of information are available for each type of report: schedules, billing, clients, employees,...
Filters allow targeting information. For example, if we wanted to see the amount billed to all clients over the age of sixty, all we need to do is shown on the «Filter» image.

Integration with iclsc SIC+

In order to alleviate the Quebec CLSC task, Qt connects to SIC Plus in two ways:
1. When creating a new customer file in HP, a simple click imports that customer basic data from SIC Plus. No more double entries. Afterwards, you can update or refresh the data, still on a simple click.
2. Qt also exports statistical data to SIC Plus. So the person responsible for statistics shall regularly transfer the pertinent data resulting from the appointments in a certain period.


If RAMQ has payments for you, your request is automatically done through a link with RAMQ web site.
Qt computes reimbursements, lets you make adjustments and transfers data to the on-line form.

client file

Everything y dispatch ou need to know about the client, the contract, the contacts, the invoicing and more.


The unattended, or open post, window lists all shifts for which an employee has to be still assigned, starting with the first coming up. Using the On-call list, appointments are rapidly filled.