Changing the face of home health care

Designed to meet the special requirements of home health care agencies, QA-Home Care gives you everything you need to eectively manage the core business and clinical processes of your agency. It includes client data, scheduling, billing, payroll and electronic care plans. With QA-Home Care you will reduce the time spent on paperwork, improve accuracy of clinical data and enhance collaboration within health care teams. Your caregivers will benet from more time to do what they do best : deliver care to their clients.



Within the Client module you can create and edit a client, his personal information, his referral information and care plans. Service units related to specic client access information.


Human Resources

Your teams are congured in the Human Resources section of the agency. Assign skills to an employee, training and certications, function and service. Manage their availability, leave of absence, automatic calculation of the number of days off.



With Qa-Autonomous Booking you are able to dene a billing group and assign a frequency of sending (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) between the agency and the client. An automatic billing that is on time.



There are several payroll items such as travel, overtime, and paid holidays that need to be calculated at payroll time. Qa-Autonomous Booking can be congured to trigger the automatic calculation at the time that payment requests are created and/or saved.


Schedules Planning

Intuitive Outlook-style calendar allows administrators and workers to schedule visits in a shared calendar. Go to daily, weekly or monthly schedule or select a Home Care Worker (HCW), choose the client to whom this visit applies and make it appear for the start date of visit. Qa-Autonomous Booking finds the right HCW for a client.




• Enhanced quality of care.
• Greater data accuracy.
• More timely information.
• Improved the interest and the retention of staff.
• Simplfied critical processes.
• Increased productivity.
• Affordable.