Q- Hestia is a confirmation of attendance software for businesses that employ a mobile workforce.

The benefits of using Q- Hestia :

• Eliminates the possibility that your customers are not visited due to error or absence of a worker.
• Ease of deployment with minimal training and no additional hardware or software to buy.
• Improves customer safety, service quality and increases the productivity of workers !

Hestia checks :

• The identity of the employee.
• The timing, duration and nature of home care visits .
• The client phone number even if caller ID is blocked.

Hestia eliminates :

• The possibility of your customers not to be visited, either by mistake or absence of employees.
• The need for employees to frequently call your offices to verify the organization of their tasks.
• Manual data entry and associated errors.
• The lost or illegible timesheets.
• The need for expensive hardware.
• Expensive training and support costs.