Optimize your routes

This very useful module automatically computes times and distances and optimizes your employees itinerary.

Totally integrated into QT-Time and resources, Q-travel automatically manages employee’s routes, time and mileage.

It optimises work time for a better efficiency and reduces distances to reduce costs.

It lets you determine your management rules, no matter how fine they may be.

It is possible to introduce or not a travel time before the first appointment and after the last appointment of the day.

What Q-Travel does

• Saves time
- Eliminates employee expense reports
- Eliminates administrative time spent on timesheets
- Introduces fairness and facilitates management of arbitration
- Provides a travel budget per employee at the beginning of the week
- Prepares the payment of travel expenses according to your module

• Schedule Optimization
- Change the schedule by dragging the appointment to the previous appointment
- Fills in empty time gaps
- Provides a view of the range of time between each RV
- Improves decision making

• Flexible rules , according to your reality. Q - Travel can:
-use deficiencies, based on global settings for all employees
-calculate or not first and last appointment
-reapply " first / last appointment " rules on lunch and dinner
-reorganize appointments according to parameterized criteria
-protect manual changes from being overwritten
-automatically add a default mileage and / or additional travel time
-manually check the time and the distance between two points
And more !